For Consistent, Beautiful Lead Changes


Set Your Horse Up for Success

Discover the Six Exercises (and How to Do Them) that Build Confidence in a Horse



  • Discover the anatomy of a credit-earning lead change - step-by-step.
  • Learn the components of six skills that make up a lead-change infrastructure.
  • Understand how to help a horse build these skills with six specific exercises.
  • Monday - August 28, 6:30 PM, Central - 1 1/2 - 2 hours (includes Q&A)
  • No problem if the time doesn't work - a replay will be available within 36 hours.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Discover Some of the Most Common Rider Errors and How to Remedy Them

Learn Five Essential Dos and Five Don'ts as a Rider



  • Learn the common rider errors that sabotage a horse's ability to change smoothly.
  • Discover how to remedy these counterintuitive rider mistakes.
  • Develop the tools and understanding to 'fix' lead change challenges.
  • Save the Date: Tuesday - August 29, 6:30 PM, Central, 1 1/2 - 2 hours (includes Q&A)
  • No problem if the time doesn't work - a replay will be available within 36 hours.

During Part Three:

Video Review Coaching Session

Eight Days Following Parts One and Two

  • You may submit a practice or show video of changing leads with your horse between Part Two and this Part Three Coaching Session.
  • Sandy will review it with you during the live call - or - if you can't make the live time, she will still voice-over it, and you can see and hear her comments on the replay.
  • Don't miss this opportunity to finally understand and learn the must-have skills for you and your horse - and - deepen your knowledge after watching multiple challenge examples.
  • Save the Date: Wednesday, September 6, 6:30 PM, Central, 1 1/2 - 2 hours (includes Q&A)
  • No problem if the time doesn't work - a replay will be available within 36 hours.

Each Session Includes:

  • Pre-Event Reflections to get you thinking and ready!
  • Note-Taking Sheets to easily follow along and jot down additional notes
  • A Live Webinar with two parts - an initial presentation by Sandy and Co-Host Barb - and then - a Q&A time during which you can ask questions
  • Post-Event Video Replay with time markers to find topics of interest quickly
  • Post-Event Audio Replay and Download with time markers to find topics of interest quickly
  • Both Sessions are Hosted in perpetuity on a website with easy access for your future reference

This Master Class is for:

  • Riders of all riding levels who want to perfect their lead changes
  • Reining, Ranch Riding, Dressage, Western Dressage, Versatility, Working Hunter, Jumping, Western Riding - and any event requiring lead changes
  • Riders who want to teach their horse to change leads
  • Any rider who wants to learn transformation exercises to soften and communicate with any horse
  • Professionals who want to learn new ideas for how to support their students on lead changes

Strategically Chosen to Help You Implement the Skills in this Master Class 

Bonus #1

The Unlocking Resource Center

The purpose of the resource center is to centralize the resources we have created in one place for easy access.

1. The Lead Change Skills Checklist
Preparation of the horse and rider, as well as the ability to execute key foundation skills, is what sets both up for success. This checklist is a succinct reminder of those key skills. Post it in your tack room or trailer as a reminder.

2. Note Sheets for Part One: Set Your Horse Up for Success
This PDF includes bullet point reminders for:
Characteristics of a Credit-Earning Lead Change
Anatomy of a Lead Change
Why It's Important to Develop Foundation Skills
The Six Essential Exercises Your Horse Needs
Summary Statement

3. Note Sheets for Part Two: Set Yourself Up for Success
This PDF includes bullet point reminders for:
The Dos - a list of four key behaviors necessary for riders
The Don'ts - a list of four behaviors necessary for riders to avoid.

Bonus #2

Top Ten Competitive Mental Skills Tips PDF Transcript and Download

This is a 25-page document detailing ten specific and researched-proven tools that develop awareness, focus, and responsiveness to your horse under the pressure of competition.


The concrete strategies outlined in this PDF will help you reduce anxiety and stay cool to help your horse (and yourself 😊) in any situation.

Bonus #3

Podcast: Barb Interviews Sandy

Preparation and Execution of a Show Run

In this podcast, Sandy describes how she prepared, thought, and used her eyes and breath during competitive reining patterns. 

You can download the audio or listen to it on the ULC page.

Bonus #4

Top Ten Reining Skills Tips

PDF Transcript and Download

Several years ago, Sandy and Barb did a 4-Part webinar series called "Summer Tune-Up."

They covered ten tips for the three Reined Cow Horse events: Herdwork, Fence Work, Reining, and Competitive Mental Skills.

This Bonus gives you access to the 33-page transcript regarding reining skills.

Meet Your Instructor, Sandy Collier
and Co-Host, Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte

Barbra Schulte is driven by a singular desire - to help others grow their confidence.

She is a High-Performance Coach, cutting horse trainer, the author of four books, the publisher of video blogs and online programs, clinician, speaker, and an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

As a national cutting horse competitor, Barbra was the first woman to win two legs of cutting's triple crown. In 2020 she received the American Horse Publications Equine Industry Vision Award. In 2021 she received The Western Horseman & The Art of the Cowgirl's Women of the West Award. In 2022 the NCHA honored Barbra with the Modine Smith Award.

She lives in Brenham, Texas, with her husband, Tom.

Sandy Collier

Sandy grew up riding 3-day event horses in NY. She moved to California in her late teens and became enamored with reined cowhorses.

She operated a training stable in the Santa Ynez Valley for 35 years. Sandy was the first woman to win the prestigious National Reined Cowhorse Snaffle Bit Futurity. She is a multiple NRCHA and AQHA World Champion. She is an international clinician and judge. Sandy is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. She is the author of “Reining Essentials” and many educational DVDs. She is an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the NRCHA Hall of Fame.

Sandy is also an internationally Certified Life Coach. She resides in Santa Maria, Ca.

For Consistent, Beautiful Lead Changes

All replays and resources are posted on the Unlocking Lead Changes website, where you can access all of the information in perpetuity.


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