You’re Invited to …  

Join Barbra Schulte & Sandy Collier for our
2022 Fall:


Red Cliffs Lodge… Moab, Utah. Thursday evening, October 20 - Sunday, October 23, early afternoon at 1:00 PM.  


  • A time to enjoy horses, riding & become even more connected to the many ways horses enrich your unique life  
  • A riding adventure to build your riding skills (work cattle ... or not ... your choice). We'll be there to help you learn new skills and solve any riding challenges you want to address. There will be opportunities for us to coach you in the arena. 
  • You will enjoy riding the Red Cliff Lodge horses. Many of them have cowhorse and roping experience!  
  • Trail riding adventures on spectacular trails in the Canyonlands of Utah  
  • Time to reflect on and design your next best steps for your riding ... or your next best steps for your life  
  • A relaxing and inspiring getaway with fellow adventurers  

Then join us, Barbra Schulte and Sandy Collier and a fabulous group of like-minded horse women for an AMAZING 3.5-day (3 night) Combo Retreat/Skill Building/Trail Riding Event  

We bet we know you’re the kind of person who loves experiencing the incredible journey of your riding life ... a journey that combines your passion for the horse with a desire to improve your skills, and have a blast!

We also know you love to learn. And we would wager to guess you recognize the value of doing what you love with horses in the way you love to do it. Well, we can tell you that the – Combo Retreat/Skill Building/Trail Riding Event is the answer to a dream!  

It will be thrilling to travel to this spectacular location, and learn technical, mental and personal growth skills from both Sandy and Barbra ... enjoy new, fun horse people ... and soak in fabulous scenery on horseback!

So – if you’re ready to get answers to your own personal riding challenges with our hands-on coaching (not just theoretical) ... as you explore how to personally enrich the meaning of all horses bring to your life ... learn and experiment with power packed mental skills (skills to help you get calm, focused and grow your confidence) ... receive expert feedback – then this is the ONE VERY SPECIAL event to attend this year! 

PLUS ... Explore trails and scenery where John Wayne made many of his movies! 

I'm SO ready to learn, to go on an adventure and have a blast!


WHAT WILL YOU GAIN FROM THIS EVENT? You’ll walk away with new customized riding skills for exactly what you need via the expert coaching of Sandy and Barb. 

You will do this on horses provided by the Red Cliff Lodge Ranch (no worries, the arena horses are VERY responsive). You will have the opportunity to ride in the arena with Sandy and with Barbra. Cattle will be available if you want to work them. Plus, if you like, you may bring your own horse for the arena sessions.  

In addition, you’ll gain the CONFIDENCE & CLARITY you need to play bigger and finally make great strides in your riding life ... and in your focus and calmness by digging deep into mental skills for riding, and ways to grow personally because of your riding. We will delve into both of these on and off of a horse. 


Hi! Barb and Sandy here ...  

Last year we did our first retreat in Moab. We along with those who came, experienced one to the most exciting and meaningful events of our lifetimes.  

We are excited to offer this same MAGICAL experience again in the Canyonlands of Utah!  

Since the time we can remember, we have loved ... to ride, learn, coach and be in GORGEOUS places.  

There is nothing that we've ever done in our careers that has been more impactful than this retreat experience. 

There's also nothing in our industry that we've ever seen like this either ... considering the combination of arena time with the two of us, the option to work cattle, time to explore the joy of our individual riding lives, time to relax and time on the trail!  

Plus, we want to BUILD UPON WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW ... and ... TEACH YOU ALL of our special insights so you can:  

* Build the technical and mental skills you personally want through our coaching * Stop feeling "less than" others ... and start knowing you are always enough * Feel confident about YOUR journey and your next best steps * Renew a deep commitment to your personal purpose and joy in riding * Feel more adventuresome and have more fun * Explore the grandeur and magic of southern Utah's magnificent canyonlands

FEEL FREE ... Do all, or a few of the awesome available activities! They are all optional. Whatever you choose ... just enjoy.

RIDE IN THE ARENA WITH SANDY & BARB (at least one time with each during your stay) We will use the Red Cliff Lodge "arena" horses in the arena sessions. These horses have had ... and continue to have, working cow horse and/or roping training. They will be fun to ride. If you like, you may bring your own horse for arena work.

SOAK UP "CLASSROOM" SESSIONS WITH SANDY & BARB (at least once with each during your stay) Explore your purpose for riding, your best self ... and horsemanship topics like bits and bridle. 


Explore stunning scenery.

ENJOY A MULTITUDE OF OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES Start the day with a walk, hearty breakfast, & a& inspiring talk. Share gratitude with everyone for all we've been given. Enjoy a few hours of "free" time in the afternoon ... rest, hike, or experience other activities at the Red Cliff Lodge. Enjoy evening activities (music/wine tasting) ... hanging out together around the fireplace after dinner.

If it's time to GET AWAY for a stunning riding adventure in so many ways ... 

Should I Come To This Event? The answer is YES if you…

If you want to expand on ... and build on ... the knowledge you have already gained from a course, a workshop, a clinic, a product or the free articles on our website ... If you want to design your riding life (and your everyday life) according to what you love and what you value ... If you want to learn from Barb and Sandy, NOW is the time to take advantage of an event of your dreams in a gorgeous place.

If you're ready to meet new, awesome people and enjoy getting to know them ...  

If you know you want to relax and get away ... OR, if you LOVE learning IN PERSON … Then this is the PERFECT event for you!

Here’s What You’re Going To Experience



Arrange your travel schedule to arrive at Red Cliffs Lodge mid to late afternoon so you are settled in your room and ready for the evening. The closest airport is Grand Junction, Colorado ... 1.5 hours away.  

We will meet for appetizers at 5:15. Dinner will be served at 6:00.  

We will gather after dinner in the "John Wayne" Room to get to know each other more and share our stories. 


Each morning we will have a time of inspiration after breakfast and then gather in a circle to share gratitude before we begin our day.  

You will have a time to ride each day in the arena with Sandy or Barb as well as ride on the trail.  

You will have a least one classroom session with Sandy or Barb. You won't want to miss a minute of these opportunities to explore all the joy and richness horses bring to your life ... and how to get more of it.  

In the afternoon, you will have "free" time to relax or schedule an activity offered by the Lodge.  

In the early evening, before dinner, we will have a fun activity scheduled, like wine tasting or enjoying a cowboy poet. Then we will have dinner and enjoy each other's company after dinner.


We will have a time of inspiration and then gather in a circle and share gratitude. We will have a special surprise outing to explore the countryside beyond Red Cliffs Lodge. We will have an early lunch. There will be a special closing ceremony. You won't want to miss this. Please do not plan to leave early and miss this. We will say our good-byes by 1:00 PM.

Feel the impact of this retreat through the eyes of those who attended last year

"What a life changing trip!! Thank you all for the fond memories you created. Thank you, Barb and Sandy for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for all of us. I am truly grateful for the new outlook on life." ~ J.B.  

"Howdy, Barbra and Sandy. Thank you for a fantastic and inspiring weekend! Today I actually started looking at barns in Park City to possibly lease a horse. Thanks for helping me rekindle an old love." ~ G.E.

"Wow ... oh wow what a weekend! One that I will never forget! Thanks again Barb & Sandy for your inspiration, love, & sharing of yourselves." ~ L.P.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I bring a friend or a spouse?  

YES! You may bring your husband or a friend to this women's retreat. Here's how that works. A friend or significant other who comes with you, but who is not registered for the retreat may eat meals with us (for a meal fee) and be with us during a social time prior to dinner. He or she is welcome to participate in activities offered by the lodge on their own during the day, or explore the area. If you do come with someone else, you may want to consider coming a day or so early, or staying a day or two later to take advantage of the area.  

Will you help me find a roommate if I want to share a room ... or share a ride, or rent car from the airport?  

YES! Just let us know what you need and from time to time we will send an email out to those who have registered asking if anyone wants to share. We will connect you, and then the two of you will make the arrangements.​​​​​​​  

If I can't ride (for any number of reasons) or if I only ride a little bit, would this event still be for me?  

Absolutely. We will spend a lot of time being together before and after meals, during classroom sessions and during "free" times. If you can't ride at the moment, you may still learn by participating in the non-riding sessions, sharing your story, hopes and dreams, and observing Sandy and Barb teaching. And ask questions. Plus you are welcome to tour the fabulous countryside.  

Will this event address grief and loss?  

As you may know this is a subject that is very dear to our hearts. We will have a special segment during one of the afternoon "free" times to share the stories of our loved ones and support each other.  

What’s Included in Your Event Package?

Three evenings, two full days, and one half day, together. 

Inspiration, learning, relaxation, rejuvenation, adventure & comradery!  

We will ride, have Q&A’s, special interactive and experiential exercises (this event is a combination retreat/skill building/trail riding event).  

We intend to give you the know-how you need to be your personal version of SUCCESS according to your values and what gives you joy with horses.

The event also covers your meals, a horse to ride during scheduled arena and trail sessions as well as cattle to work.    

A 50% deposit is required to register.

First time 2-Pay Option

Split the registration fee over 2 payments for
$647.50 each


Returning Participants

We appreciate you!
Pay in full and save.


1st-time riding participants; pay in full when you register and save $45.

Returning Participants
2-Pay Option

Split the registration fee over 2 payments of
$599 each

Your event fee does not cover your room. However, we have arranged drastically reduced rates for our retreat.  

Please make your room reservations directly by calling the Lodge at 435-259-2002 at least 30 days before the event begins. Ask for the Barbra Schulte room block. If you want to room with someone you do not know, please reach out to others on Facebook in your group. We can help if needed.

It does not cover a stall and shavings if you bring your own horse. The stalls are $30 per night. Stall reservations can be made by booking with your room at the Lodge at 435-259-2002.


Barbra and Sandy are both Honorees in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  

Barbra is an NCHA Derby Champion, a 5/6 NCHA Superstakes Champion, and a Certified Personal Performance Coach. She is in the NCHA Member's Hall of Fame. Barbra lives in Brenham, Texas.  

Sandy is an NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion, an AQHA World Champion and a Certified Life Coach. She is in the NRCHA Hall of Fame. Sandy lives in Santa Maria, Calif.

Our Venue & Accommodations

The canyons. The cliffs. The tranquility!  

Our COMBO RETREAT/SKILL BUILDING/TRAIL RIDING EVENT takes place October 20th - 23rd 2022 at historic Red Cliffs Lodge. Located just outside of Moab, Utah, it is nestled along the banks of the Colorado River, surrounded by deep-cut Canyonlands and steep cliff walls. You will discover Moab’s National Park Experience. Red Cliffs Lodge has received multiple travel destination awards including from National Geographic Traveler and the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame!

The energy at and around Red Cliffs Lodge is rejuvenating! 

It doesn’t get much better than this. The trails are beautiful. The horses are terrifc. The scenery is magical. The lodge is gorgeously rustic. The nature is ever so refreshing. 


#1 - CANCELLATION POLICY - Important information
If you cancel, the amount paid to date will be refunded only if we can fill your spot. "Fill your spot" will be determined after the event is over (due to unpredictable last-minute cancellations). If your payment is not refunded, you may apply that amount to a future BeUnstoppable event within one year.

#2 - Make your room reservations at the Red Cliff Lodge to ensure you get a room.


We have secured a very special room rate at Red Cliffs Lodge.

You may choose either a Queen Suite or a King Suite for $219.95 per night plus tax. The Queen Suites, of course, could easily be shared which would cut your room rate in half. If you need help finding a roommate, let us know.

There are also King and Queen cabins for $319.95 per night plus tax.

BOOK YOUR ROOM ASAP through Red Cliffs Lodge.
Call: 435-259-2002. 

To reserve stalls please call the Lodge at 435-259-2002 when you book your room. If you have questions, please us at We will send updates to you as the time draws closer. We look forward to seeing you there! Thank You! Barb and Sandy  

  If you have more questions, don't hesitate to send an email to us at  

We will send updates to you as the time for this retreat draws closer. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Moab Retreat. 

THANK YOU, Barbra and Sandy